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This figure shows that ITVSPs are primarily made of computers that are connected to the Internet and software to operate IP television and other services. In this diagram, a computer keeps track of which customers are active (registration) and what features and services are authorized. When call requests are processed, the ITVSP sends messages to gateways via the Internet allowing television channel to be connected to IP televisions, analog television adapters (ATVA), or multimedia computers that are connected to a high speed data network (broadband Internet). These gateways transfer their billing details to a clearinghouse so the ITVSP can pay for the gateway's usage. The ITVSP then can use this billing information to charge the customer for access to television programs and other media sources.

IP Video to Multiple Users

This figure shows how much data transfer rate it can take to provide for multiple IP television users in a single building. This diagram shows 3 IP televisions that require 1.8 Mbps to 3.8 Mbps to receive an IP television channel. This means the broadband modem must be capable of providing 5.4 Mbps to 11.4 Mbps to allow up to 3 IP televisions to operate in the same home or building.


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